New Orleans Brunch - Book 2 Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash

New Orleans Brunch

Treat your friends and family to an authentic New Orleans Brunch! I make it easy for you. In New Orleans Brunch, book two of my Dinner Parties with Xandra Nash series, I show you how.

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Authentic New Orleans Menu & Recipes from Party Planner Xandra Nash

Everybody loves New Orleans Parades, unique neighborhoods, parties, intriguing architecture, history, and a diverse heritage come together to create an unforgettable city. And the food!

Known worldwide for its exceptional cuisine, the foods of New Orleans are birthed by the diverse heritage that makes the city unique. Delicious, spicy, and aromatic, New Orleans food is unique in all the world. It is a fusion of the rich and varied foods of its distinctive, mixed culture. Now you can host your friends for a brunch traditional to New Orleans, no matter where you are! The delightful food of New Orleans is what this book is all about.

I’ve gathered authentic, traditional recipes from friends and family in the Big Easy, then tweaked them to make them perfect and easy for you to make.

Dress up your table with the official colors of America’s most unique city – purple, green, and gold. Have some masquerade masks for your guests to have fun with while real New Orleans Jazz plays in the background.

Give your friends a Brunch they’ll remember forever!

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Masquerade Masks Bright Green Tablecloth Preservation Hall Jazz Band New Orleans Jazz Bands

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Now you can host your very own Dinner Party, no matter what your cooking skill level. With my book series, Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash, menu and recipes make it easy and fun! And at the end each of my Dinner Party books, look for links to printable versions of your Menu and Shopping List.