Cucina Comforts - Italian comfort food dinner party by Party Planner Xandra Nash

Cucina Comforts – Italian comfort food

Imagine treating your friends and family to the warm, comforting tastes and aromas of a rustic Italian country kitchen and Italian comfort food! I make it easy for you. In Cucina Comforts, the third book of my Dinner Parties with Xandra Nash series, I show you how.

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Authentic Italian Menu & Recipes from Party Planner Xandra Nash

Ahhh, the tantalizing aromas, comforts, and romance of the rustic Italian kitchen! Imagine those wonderful aromas drifting through your home and enticing you and your guests, at your Cucina Comforts Dinner Party!

With Cucina Comforts, it’s easy, because you’ll be using my special, authentic Italian menu and recipes! Even if you’ve never been to Italy in person, you’ve seen the photos and longed to go. Capturing a part of the charm of Italy, and making it available to delight you and your guests, is what this book is all about. By using my menu and recipes, you’ll arrive at deliciously complex flavors with relatively simple ingredients and methods.

In my travels to Italy, I have collected recipes from my wonderful Italian hosts. Then I tested them, getting the American measurements and cooking methods exactly right for you.

Dress your table with fresh wildflowers, rustic earthenware, and a colorful tablecloth. Get your ingredients together, invite your friends, and entertain yourself and your guests with the comfort of an authentic rustic Italian kitchen.

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Now you can host your very own Dinner Party, no matter what your cooking skill level. With my book series, Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash, menu and recipes make it easy and fun! And at the end each of my Dinner Party books, look for links to printable versions of your Menu and Shopping List.