An Evening in Florence - Dinner Party how-to by Party Planner Xandra Nash

An Evening in Florence

Treat your friends and family to a dinner celebrating the art and culture of Florence, Italy’s beloved Renaissance city! It’s easier than you think. In An Evening in Florence, the fifth book of my series, Dinner Parties with Xandra Nash, I show you how.

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Authentic Florentine Menu & Recipes for your Dinner Party!

Florence, the spectacular capital of the region of Tuscany, is a stunning medieval city. Imagine its overflow of palaces, churches, and museums filled with masterful paintings and sculptures. It is a city-size shrine to the Italian Renaissance, and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Surrounding Florence are misty rolling hills covered with wildflowers and vineyards. Along with its breath-taking landscapes, the entire Tuscan region is famous for its high quality ingredients and masterful cooking techniques. Using this book, you will be able to make authentic recipes from the bountiful, beautiful, and beloved region as you learn Italian cooking methods and the proper order for an Italian menu.

Decorate your table, indoors or out, with a white or pastel tablecloth, fresh flowers, candles, and twining grapevine balls. Cue up your Italian playlist and give your friends An Evening in Florence.

Let them experience the kind of seductive and romantic pleasures that only Italy knows how to provide.

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Twining Grapevine Balls Pastel Tablecloth Italian Dinner Party Music Italian Dinner Party Music

Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash

Now you can host your very own Dinner Party, no matter what your cooking skill level. With my book series, Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash, menu and recipes make it easy and fun! And at the end each of my Dinner Party books, look for links to printable versions of your Menu and Shopping List.